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Meet Scott

Scott is a beautiful, ebony black, male Goldendoodle who belongs to good friends of ours. He's such a sweet boy, with the mildest of temperaments. Scott loves his family and everyone he meets! He's very affectionate and loves laying at his owners' feet. He is great at fetch and loves to play games! He's got no gun shyness (great for a hunter breed!), and enjoys getting out in wild places to hunt and hike!

Scott is an F1BB Goldendoodle, whose parents are both service animals (no wonder he's so sweet).

Scott's mother Esme is a purebred, AKC registered Poodle, and received a clean bill of health from her Embark DNA test (which checks for genetic defects).

Scott by river_edited.jpg
Scott's dad stands in the snow.

Scott's sire (father) is a pure white, F1B Goldendoodle.

An "F1 Goldendoodle" is a first generation Goldendoodle, meaning that the F1's parents were a purebred Poodle, and a purebred Golden Retriever.

The "B" in the "F1B" designation stands for "backcross", meaning that it's the product of crossbreeding an F1 Goldendoodle back to one of its origin breeds, typically a Poodle.

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